Technology Integration

At Kingswood Oxford, we strongly believe that technology in the hands of a great teacher can be transformational. Technology gives us the time to focus on our learners and build the personal relationships with students that we value. We use technology to help our students become problem solvers, thinkers, inventors, and digital citizens of the world. As a community, we are dedicated to learning effective instructional technological skills and sharing those with our colleagues and students.

KO is a device-neutral and platform-free school -- by design. We believe it is not the device that is important, but rather, what you do with it. Students in our diverse community, who come from 62 towns and two countries, bring with them the devices they feel comfortable and confident using, and we, in turn, expose them to different types of technology.

In addition, Kingswood Oxford is a Google Apps for Education (GAFE) school. These free, platform-free tools support our technology philosophy and allow us to collaborate wherever we are -- enabling our geographically-diverse student body and faculty to become even more efficient and organized.

On campus, our students have access to tablets, chromebooks, PC, and Apple products. Certain devices are used for certain tasks. Faculty and students work together to make responsible choices about which tool will be the most effective in which situation.

All Kingswood Oxford classrooms are equipped with interactive whiteboard projectors. This allows anyone the ability to project and use digital material easily. 

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