Beyond the Classroom: Community Service

Among our core values is “Care beyond self,” and each student must complete at least 30 hours of community service prior to the start of senior year in order to graduate. Many go far beyond that, however, completing more than 100 hours of service during high school, which qualifies them for induction into the KO Community Service Hall of Fame.

Sampling of Community Service Opportunities:

Kingswood Oxford Student Ambassador (KOSA)

The Kingswood Oxford Student Ambassador (KOSA) program brings students to M.D. Fox School in Hartford for community service. The partnership goes beyond drives for school supplies and turkeys with student volunteers providing support to the schools' Pre-K to 8th grade students all summer long. Students volunteered in the classrooms and assisted with reading, writing, math and more. 

Student and parent volunteers from KO also organize what is now known as "Liz's Holiday Store" in which students can use points earned for good behavior in school to "buy" gifts donated by members of the Kingswood Oxford community. Volunteers also set up the store and act as salespeople and wrappers.

It is partnerships like this one with M.D. Fox School that truly reflects one of the core values at Kingswood Oxford of caring beyond oneself. To learn more about this program please visit this article from the Hartford Courant.

Petal Power USA

Founded by Sydney Legagneur '15, Petal Power USA picks up flowers and other goods donated by Whole Foods and distribute them to shelters and food kitchens around the Hartford area. Click here to watch a news clip about this inspiring grass-roots effort.


Team Tobati

Founded by KO teacher Ronald Garcia in 1999, Team Tobati has become an anchor in the community service opportunities at Kingswood Oxford. The mission of the project is to increase the opportunities offered to poor youth of Tobati, Paraguay.  Hundreds of students have traveled internationally each March and worked on dozens of projects to help strengthen the medical and educational infrastrucutres offered to the region's poor.

Click here to learn more about Team Tobati.

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