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The fine and performing arts have long traditions that stretch back as far as the history of mankind itself, yet they are also as new as every baby born. The world is becoming a digital age, and new ways of producing art are being discovered every day — digital sound design, video production and digital photography have transformed the way we create (and think about) artistic products. At KO we’re looking for students who can step into those new genres with assurance, who have the can-do to invent their own methods and expressions. We want to arm them with the art of investigation, so they can navigate seeing, hearing and moving as matters of pure discovery.

At KO, we certainly want to expose our students to the amazing rich traditions of our art forms. But we want to do so without squashing our students’ drive to find a contemporary voice. We mean to enable them to engage in creativity, that is, the fabrication of a never-before-this-instant experience. Our goal is to inspire our students to find broad, personal, unique and interdisciplinary solutions to whatever problem they choose to attack.

We want our students to get their hands dirty and their feet wet: to experience contributing one “instrument” in the onrushing orchestration of vocal or instrumental sound that makes compositions on paper come alive. We want them to know what it’s like to bring a script to life by conjuring a character on the stage in a pool of light in front of a darkened house audience. We want them to know firsthand the astonishing power of a puddle of paint to suggest the mood of the sky and the prestidigitation that is manipulating digital effects. We want them to know how to fabricate the devilish lie that is photography — to learn that a camera is not merely a machine but an instrument for selective presentation. Most of all, we want them to question exactly what constitutes “truth.”

We want our students to take into their own hands at least one of the instruments that carries culture forward even as they tie us to our species’ past. We want them to have a chance to enter the great dialogue that IS culture, not just to “read” what has been written in the past, but to experience it firsthand. We want them to exult, to plié, to muse and to put it out there while they still have the chance, before they become so mired in the fixities of adulthood that they never realize the possibilities of such experience. It’s what we do; it’s what we love; and it’s what we have to share. Click on any of the links and follow the trail of our thinking!

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