Media Arts

Media Arts is the designation we give to the corner of the KO curriculum that operates as a platform between real-world problems and creative vision. What is important in these approaches is not the how-to but the what-if. Stage Design, for instance, tackles the problem of creating a physical setting for a specific play, suited to our Roberts or Black Box theaters, and asks students to envision not only the props and furniture but also the lighting and sound design. Music Technology gives students access to the hardware and software that allows them to create music, even if they don’t play an instrument. Digital Video lets students produce their own short movies (or commercials) from script to storyboard to videotaping through postproduction editing and revision. Photography teaches the mechanics of operating a camera hand-in-hand with skepticism about the nature of truth and fiction (putting the lie to photography as a faithful document or “reality”). “Media Arts” itself is the most open-ended of the offerings, allowing students to decide what medium best suits the idea a student wants to convey.
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