Visual Arts

We want you to explore, engage and discover different ways to express yourself: to make marks, to build forms, to play with color, to communicate visually. In our foundation courses, we not only teach how to make art, but also how to look at it, building creative skills along with analytical skills. Within this framework we will ask you to take risks and invest yourself in mastering technique and skill, but also give you space to play freely, working with both familiar materials in new ways and taking a chance with new materials. Once you have built a foundation and explored many mediums and genres of art, we allow you free access through a variety of electives springing from the mediums (pottery, painting) and approaches (drawing, sculpture, printmaking) you most enjoy and letting you go from there. The point is not the mastery of a medium but the encouragement of an enthusiasm. Our goal is to help you acquire an artistic toolbox of techniques, along with the analytical vocabulary (to help you talk critically about art) and confidence in the creative process. We want you to “own” your work, rather than to depend on a teacher’s set of instructions.

We believe that everyone is creative and that to be a complete person, you must find where that happens most readily — we want you to find your voice, your style, your perspective. If we can engage you in one new aspect of the world of art, through one new personal discovery or one new way of looking, then we’ve done our job. We want you to know what it feels like to be an artist; to experience the creative highs that accompany a thoughtful composition, a bold mark or a discovery of a new interest and, just as importantly, that feeling of accomplishment when you work through frustration to arrive at an artistic creation that you never knew you could create. Now is the time to discover and to connect creatively.

Not everyone believes they are an artist when they start out, but our hope is to give you that first nugget of artistic confidence that can ultimately change your mind. We provide you the space to forge a voice to express the ideas that are important to you. We hope that you can come out of the studio amazed at what just happened, whether it be something as specific as a gorgeous mark on a page, a perfectly centered pot or a brilliant swath of color in a painting. As you move on to face the challenges of life, we hope that you will remember what that felt like.

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