“Of all the components of Kingswood Oxford, the relationships I have formed with my teachers and advisors are the most influential aspects in my development.” – Mark Toubman ’13

Kingswood Oxford is a place of relationships. The key relationship that is formed as soon as a student begins the KO journey is with his/her advisor. Advisors connect home and school. Advisors have the unique perspective of seeing the big picture, overseeing all aspects of a student’s life: academic, athletic, social and extracurricular. Advisors take notice of happenings in the hallways, on the fields, in the cafeteria, and in the library. And advisors use all of this information to serve as a “life coach” – an advocate for students and parents as they travel through KO.

At the Middle School, students have one advisor for Upper Prep and then change to a new advisor for Forms 1 and 2. At the Upper School, students remain with the same advisor for Forms 3 and 4, then change to a new advisor, who will remain as the advisor for Forms 5 and 6.

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