Upper School

The academic program is a rigorous one that starts off in 9th grade by building a foundation for success, the meaning of which extends far beyond good grades.


Success is…

  • A deep understanding of content areas and the ability and confidence to apply skills learnt in one class to a challenge in another, or on the sports field, or in life.
  • An igniting or fostering an innate curiosity of the world around them and then having the courage, confidence and independence to seek answers and explore further.
  • An appreciation for one another as learners, as fellow adventurers - people to learn from and learn with.
  • Supportive relationships with the adults travelling this journey with them, adults who know them and are dedicated to a transformative academic experience.
  • A reflective and honest understanding and appreciation for themselves as learners. Success will result in a high school diploma, but at KO it also means being well-positioned and well-equipped for a rich and rewarding experience in college and in life.

Students who graduate from here are lifelong learners who are willing, prepared and undaunted to explore the unknown and unfamiliar. They will confidently seek to learn, and have the skills and confidence to make unknown known and unfamiliar familiar in a world constantly evolving. KO graduates know how to get answers, and in this day of overwhelming access to information – how to get the right ones!

This is an academic community, invested and working together to steward the academic program towards future decades of excellence in education. This is a college prep program and that is a term bandied about a fair bit in the independent school world. What does it mean at KO? It means we know what is expected of students at college, university and in the world beyond and KO students are well prepared for success upon graduation. A KO graduate: writes and speaks powerfully, self-advocates with authority, confidently creates meaningful relationships with professors and peers, manages time well with increasingly demanding commitments, is willing to try new experiences, and has a strong and grounded sense of identity. While college may feel far away to some of you, the investment you are making in your child’s education is to build those skills and uncover their strengths, passions and purpose that will provide them the foundation for success in college and the wisdom and confidence to make good choices about next steps in their professional lives.

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