Kingswood Oxford’s Middle School is an academically rigorous educational environment where every aspect of the program has been intentionally designed for students ages 10-14.

Here, adolescents are given the utmost respect along with great responsibility, which, when combined with an extensive support system, empowers them to achieve beyond expectation. The ownership of their own experience, combined with study skills, academic rigor, rich arts and athletic programs and the intrinsic joy of learning, creates a solid foundation that will benefit them for a lifetime.

In KO’s Middle School, the unique needs of adolescent learners are carefully considered. The student-centered classrooms, relational advisor system, embedded study skills and rotating block schedule are based on best practices for this age group. Young people blossom when expectations are high and students work with peers and invested adults to lay a foundation for lifelong learning. They explore, master and apply a curriculum that can be adapted to individual needs, thanks to small class sizes.

In addition, students discover who they are as learners and develop the study skills necessary to meet their own academic needs. They emerge as writers, debaters, researchers, mathematicians, scientists, artists, self-advocates and athletes and are poised to take advantage of all that the Upper School, and then college, has to offer.

Jane Repp
Director of the Middle School
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