Head of School 

Vincit qui se vincit
"One conquers by conquering oneself."

This motto, as old as Kingswood Oxford School itself, anchors this community as we push each student – and one another – toward excellence, to the edges of what we know. Our close relationships create a safe harbor in which young people can explore and test their emerging strengths, passions and voices, and can begin to discover their true selves, knowing they will always be accepted for who they are.

Teaching intentionally – that is, taking care to draw connections, to connect the dots between disciplines, to encourage students to contemplate ideas, and not just facts – is a hallmark of KO’s program. We are fortunate to have an enormously talented cadre of faculty, advisors, coaches and staff who live up to this expectation and live it out each day in the classroom, on the field and in all of their interactions, large and small, with our students.

Simply put, we expect excellence from the adults on this campus, who in turn expect it from one another -- and from their students.

I am proud to lead Kingswood Oxford. My colleagues and I welcome high-caliber, motivated students who will embrace all that we offer and who will make our community better for having been here. And, because we know that the best education happens not only at school but also at home, please know that we see parents as our partners, and that we welcome and appreciate their involvement during their children’s time with us.

Explore our web site. Learn more about our remarkable programs and culture. And then, please come to campus to see and feel it all for yourself. I look forward to welcoming you and helping you to discover whether KO is the right educational home for your family.

Dennis Bisgaard
Head of School


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