Academics at KO


Kingswood is an environment that dynamically meets and embraces students exactly where they are. The community provides the space for each person to know, build on and strengthen their own unique sense of self. To take risks, to dig, to discover. To try something new, fail, succeed, and grow. These are the transcript building years and students have the opportunity to fill that important sheet with rigorous and varied classes and independent studies developing as learners who know how advocate well for themselves. Equally paramount is the individual growth that happens during these years to set them up for success in college, career and beyond. Here, students grow in confidence and independence as they tackle increasingly complex thoughts, ideas and tasks. They learn to speak with authority, disagree compassionately and communicate their ideas with conviction and knowledge. They have the courage to try something new, support a classmate taking on a tough subject, and persevere to figure out a new way to tackle a problem or follow a dream.

KO is a place for athletes to find out they are talented actors. For the artist to discover they love building and programming robots. For the scientist to discover a love of singing. These things are made possible because of the relationships that are built here - between the adults in this community and the students, and through the ones they build with one another. Kids at KO love to learn. They love to challenge and support one another in the classroom,on the field, on the stage and in the many special interest clubs.

Educators here at KO are constantly exploring what education means today, for tomorrow’s world citizen. They look at what and how they teach, through the lens of how to best engage these young men and women to know themselves as learners. When it comes time to graduate, they have had the opportunity to experiment with in a safe environment and that they are confident to wield and prepared to make a difference.

We look forward to meeting you.


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