Diversity, Inclusion and Cultural Competency


Kingswood Oxford is committed to creating a community of self-aware students and faculty who deliberately and effectively engage in candid conversations. In becoming culturally competent, students and faculty will work toward creating a more socially just world at KO and beyond. 

What is Our Brave Space? Click here to find out more. 

What is community?

We highlight the diverse contributions of everyone at our school. While our mission of learning to honor everyone’s perspective is steadfast, we know that the journey there is by no means a straight and perfect line. In fact, we have discovered that the dips and turns along the path to equity and justice provide us with the best lessons in discovering how to be our best selves.

What is a community? How does a community welcome newcomers? How do new members learn the community norms? The responses to these questions are critical in establishing a school community in which the inclusion of all members is an intentional act.

The work of inclusion and cultural competency skill building rests on the foundation of our mission statement. We believe that the only way we can truly inspire students to lead lives of integrity is to integrate our mission into our core and extended curriculum.


Joan Edwards
Director of Diversity, Inclusion, and Cultural Competency

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